Rob Oldland Racing

Getting Started In Motorsport On A Budget

My Story

I have owned various Caterhams for many years. However, for 2020 I have taken on the challenge of competing in a season of Caterham Motorsport’s Academy.

For this to be possible, I have had to be creative to be able to afford to compete.

Follow my journey where I will share how I’ve achieved this and my progress during the season.

I have 2 aims:

  1. Successfully complete a full season of motorsport on my budget whether I finish at the front, middle or back of the grid.

  2. Encourage others that perhaps they can afford to compete in motorsport and live the dream of being a racing driver.

With the second aim in mind, I would like to share the experience with as many as possible, so please do get in touch.

Regards, Rob.

My YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel to follow my first season of Caterham motorsport. Also, you will find ‘how to’ videos and VLOGs of other great days out you can experience when you own a car like a Caterham.
Please subscribe, this will give you the best experience of the highs and lows of motorsport and owning a Caterham.

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Come and watch us Virtually Race during lockdown

Real world Caterham races are some of the closest, most frantic and spectacular you will see in all of motorsport.
We have taken those same Caterham drivers, who can’t currently get out on track, and given them a virtual environment so those battles can continue.
And you lucky viewers can follow along with all the action as we broadcast their races every week.

My Sponsor

SOAR Electric Karting

Thank you to my sponsor, SOAR Electric Karting. Without their support I would be unable to race.

SOAR Electric Karting will be opening in Gillingham Kent in the Autumn. This indoor facility boasts a track over two levels, race data logging, the safest barriers available and top of the line, Italian made OTL electric karts.

The result will be a high end and thrilling experience.

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Supporting Air Ambulance

Additionally, I’m very proud to promote and support the Air Ambulance:

‘Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex is a world-leading Helicopter Emergency Medical Service serving a population of 4.8 million plus those who pass through the region. The only air ambulance in the country to fly 24/7, it responded to 2,506 incidents last year. 89% of its funding comes from the public’



Each month I am writing an article for the Lotus 7 Club’s fantastic magazine, Lowflying.
The articles will follow my Caterham Academy experience throughout the season where I will share my experience of competing in motorsport on a budget and explain how I have balanced the financial books.

Caterham Cars are also featuring the articles on their website.

Have a read, just click on the links.

February 2020

In my first article I tell the story of how I decided to embark on my motorsport journey.

March 2020

Read about my experience of gaining my race licence and the first day out on track with my car.

April 2020

A weekend at Donington Park for the Caterham Academy handling day & Javelin trackday.

May 2020

I share my experience gained when seeking sponsorship for racing.

June 2020

Talking about how I get preprared for racing in a locked down world.

July 2020

This month is a lesson in ‘man maths’,
I talk about other costs to consider.

Special Mention

When you own a Caterham you become part of the community.
To support us owners there are many companies and individuals across the UK who provide exceptional products, service and knowledge.
I’m based in the South East, here are contacts who have supported me over the years of owning a Caterham and which I personally recommend.

Just Add Lightness

Having my first Caterham written off at only 4 months old due to a collision from behind because I couldn’t be seen, Since, I’ve wanted the best lighting for my car and my safety. Check out JAL for fantastic products and service.

Visit Just Add Lightness

BOSS Racing

When asked about the best upgrades for a Caterham there are 2 things I recommend. first, get your car’s suspension set up for the use you intend. BOSS Racing previously set up my 620S which was used for road and track days brilliantly and now they look after my Academy car for racing.

Visit BOSS Racing

Jamie Unwin Racing

The second ‘upgrade’ I recommend is coaching – learn to drive what you have properly. While I have owned a Caterham for sometime, one day of Jamie’s coaching had me lapping Brands Hatch faster in my 125hp Academy car than I could lap my 310hp 620.

Visit Jamie Unwin Racing

Caterham Cars

My Academy car is the 4th car I have bought from Caterham South based at Crawley. Along with a dealer network across the UK they provide new/used car sales, servicing, setup and much more.

Visit Caterham Cars

Lotus Seven Club

Owning a Caterham can open so many opportunities. I have made wonderful friends and attended many ‘money can’t buy’ events and it’s all thanks to the Lotus Seven Club. If you planning to buy, or own a Caterham membership is a must!

Visit Lotus Seven Club

Sevens & Classics

Would you like your Caterham looked after like you do? Sevens & Classics provide wonderful servicing and care for your car.
Friends have also bought their cars from Sevens & Classics and highly recommend.

Visit Sevens & Classics

Classic Carbon

Not so much much for a race car, but amazing ‘bling’ if you want your Caterham to look just right. My road-going Caterham’s boasted loads of Classic Carbon. Each item is a handcrafted masterpiece.

Visit Classic Carbon